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We would like to introduce our international exchange activities.

International Agricultural Program
 The International Agricultural Program is an education and research program on the acquisition of advanced expertise and skills that can contribute to the development of tropical and subtropical agriculture and forestry based in the Asia-Pacific region, food, agriculture, environment and resources issues. It aims to cultivate the ability to lead new agricultural science from an international perspective. In addition to classes on tropical and subtropical agriculture in our university, we also work with universities such as Khon Kaen University (Thailand), Bogor Agricultural University (Indonesia), University of Ruhuna (Sri Lanka), Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University (Bangladesh). The summer school will be held during the summer vacation, and graduate students of the master's program will be dispatched to the countries where the agreement base university is located.
 A summer school for 2017 was held in September and a total of eight students were dispatched to Khon Kaen University, Bogor Agricultural University, University of Ruhuna for about 20 days. Students participated in fieldwork, internship, tours, exchanges with local students through coordination of faculty members of agreement base universities and learned a lot.

Summer school for 2017
Summer school 2017 snapshot picture

Summer school report for 2017
Summer school report for 2017
International Workshop
 We invite university students and teachers located in tropical and subtropical regions to visit here and have them learn about Okinawa's agriculture.
 In January 2018, a winter course was held for two days, and seven students and seven faculty members participated from Khon Kaen University, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Bogor Agricultural University and University of Ruhuna. On the first day, we held a briefing session at our university, deepened mutual understanding through discussion at reports of overseas students and poster session of 8 summer school students. We also deepened exchanges through welcome party. On the second day, participants visited agricultural districts and related facilities in Okinawa Prefecture. They learned the characteristics of agricultural technology and agricultural products in Okinawa.

Winter Course Snapshot Photo of 2017
Winter Course Snapshot Photo of 2017
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