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Educational Curriculum

 Taking full advantage of Okinawa’s location as the country’s only prefecture in the subtropics, the Faculty of Agriculture aims to become the unique facility focusing on global food and environmental issues, as well as well issues pertaining to the development of regional agriculture. The Faculty of Agriculture has four departments: Department of Subtropical Agro-Production Sciences, Department of Subtropical Agro-Environmental Sciences, Department of Regional Agricultural Engineering, and Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology.

Several educational courses are organized in each department. The characteristics of this educational curriculum are summarized as follows:

  • ・ Four departments that address local and regional agricultural development, agriculture-and-forestry
      environmental sciences, regional agriculture engineering, and bioresources; in addition, the admission policy
      and educational purpose of each department is clarified.
  • ・ An initiative to both educate advanced professionals by implementing advanced specialty course curriculums,
      and improve the general knowledge of the student population by establishing a flexible curriculum framed
      over the department.
  • ・ The curriculums, which will lead to qualifications, are offered by departments in the form of a transit-type
      curriculum structure.
  • ・ The establishment of a JABEE qualification course in order to enhance special engineer capability.

In the first two years, students study in three stages: Common Education, Intermediate Education, and Fundamental Education in order to satisfy the educational criteria of the department. When they have completed this, students may then enroll in more specialized educational courses that reflect their chosen subject area. The educational program has included the establishment of fourteen courses. Students of the Health and Nutritional Science course are assigned in the specialized educational course from the first year.
Academic staffs rely on the results of student evaluation systems, in order to improve and strengthen their teaching designs, methods, and implementation of the curriculum and to increase the students’ motivation to learn. We offer high-quality career-oriented education including an accredited program for those wishing to become functional food-consultants. The Faculty of Agriculture is accredited as the Designated Educational Institution of the Functional Food Consultant and the Training Facility of the Nutritionist for the first time among the Faculties of Agriculture of the National University Corporation.

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