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Philosophy, Educational Goal and Admission Policy


The Faculty of Agriculture provides education and research in the various fields of agricultural development and production, the protection of the environment, and the stable production and sustainable utilization of the biological resources in harmony with the environment, based on the geological conditions of being located in the only subtropical zone in our country, Japan. Moreover, our philosophy of education is to cultivate many people who can contribute to improving the local community and international society.

Educational Goal

The educational goal of the Faculty of Agriculture is to foster the following kinds of persons:

  • 1. Educated persons who have studied the foundation of the agricultural, life, and environmental sciences
      with some amount of practical experience and an understanding of the biodiversity in the subtropical
      zone, which is open to Asia and the Pacific Rim.
  • 2. Individuals who are active in both the domestic and global society with creativity and literacy to
      understand the world.
  • 3. Individuals who are educated professionals with specialized knowledge and a flexible mindset and
      who are able to face difficult tasks with an adaptable working potential.
Admission Policy

We welcome students who desire to study in Okinawa, the only subtropical environment in Japan.
We especially welcome students who aim to play an active role as technical experts or researchers in the field of agricultural science, both domestically and overseas, and who have enough academic skills and willing to study independently and contribute to the development of society in a wide perspective.

1. Department of Subtropical Agro-Production sciences
(1) Students who harbor a strong desire to work for the resolution of regional agricultural food issues
  through the global viewpoints in the future.
(2) Students who wish to study the fields of agricultural development and production, livestock
  products, and the reasonable usage and circulation of local biological resources.
(3) Students who have a strong desire to establish sustainable agriculture and harmonize nature with
  agricultural development.
2. Department of Subtropical Agro-Environmental Sciences
(1) Students who are interested in the explication of the functional characteristics of living organisms
  and the environment related to agriculture and forestry.
(2) Students who want to contribute to a harmonious relationship between human beings and the
  natural environment.
(3) Students who have a desire to work for environmental preservation and the control of the
  ecosystem in subtropical areas, and who have an understanding of the biodiversity in these areas.
3. Department of Regional Agricultural Engineering
(1) Students who are interested in the improvement of the life environments based in the farm village
  areas and the preservation of the multifunctional characteristics of agriculture.
(2) Students who are interested in the agricultural system related to farm production, distribution, and
  processing from the aspect of engineering.
(3) Students who want to create a sustainable recycle-oriented society, which is intended use energy
  in an environmentally friendly manner.
4. Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology
(1) Students who are interested in the research and development in the fields of subtropical bioresources
  and biotechnology.
(2) Students who are interested in the development of functional foods and supplements to improve
  human health.
(3) Students who want to contribute to development of the food industry, and to have knowledge of
  fermentation science.
(4) Students who hope to contribute to health promotion and maintenance in the community through
  knowledge of nutritional science, and food and nutrition education (for the Health and Nutritional
  Science course).
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