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Department of Subtropical Agro-Production Sciences

Department of Subtropical Agro-Production Sciences
Aiming to establish sustainable agriculture while taking into consideration the harmony of nature and agriculture in subtropical regional society, this department intends to carry out integrated agricultural educational research, which has an emphasis on field activities that cover not only theoretical but also practical aspects related to the development, production, distribution, and consumption of agricultural, forestry and animal products and promotes the rational use of local biological resources.
Key words
Sustainable food production, Regional agriculture, Horticulture, Green land management,
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Agricultural and Forest Economics
To master specialist knowledge on how to build a sustainable food self-efficiency system and a recycling society in urban and rural areas.
  • ・Agricultural Policy
  • ・Agricultural Products Logistics
  • ・Forest Policy
  • ・Forest Tourism
  • ・Agribusiness
  • ・Forest Management and Planning
Plant Breeding Science
The acquirement of professional and practical expertise on the breeding of subtropical crops and unused plant resources and the sustainable production of crops in the subtropical regions.
  • ・Basic Genetics
  • ・Tropical Pomology
  • ・Olericulture Science
  • ・Ornamental Horticulture and Floriculture
  • ・Seminar in Plant Breeding
  • ・Horticultural Experiment
Sustainable Animal Production Science
This study course focuses on animal production in agriculture, and is based on local resources cycling.
  • ・Tropical Pasture Science
  • ・Tropical Animal Husbandry
  • ・Animal Feed Science
  • ・Animal Environmental Management
  • ・Animal Behaviour Management
  • ・Laboratory Course in Animal Hygine and Management
Human and Agricultural Symbiotic Science
This course offers technical knowledge concerning the symbiotic relationship between animal-plant production and human beings in the subtropical region.
  • ・Crop Cultivation Environment Science
  • ・Horticultual Well-being
  • ・Animal Production Symbiosis Technics
  • ・Inter Disciplinary Animal Production
  • ・Forest and Human Sociology
  • ・International Forest and Forestry
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