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Department of Subtropical Agro-Environmental Sciences

Department of Subtropical Agro-Environmental Sciences
Our department studies environmental science with the aim of establishing bio-production in harmony with the local and global natural and agricultural environments. We also provide interdisciplinary educational components related to these subjects.
Key words
Conservation of natural and farmland ecosystems, Forest science, Biodiversity, Functions of insects, animals, and plants
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Plant Functions Science
The purpose of the course is to clarify the physiological and biochemical function of plants and the relationship between plants and microorganisms that cause disease. It also imparts technical knowledge on the establishment of stable crop production of high quantity and quality.
  • ・Tropical Plant Pathology
  • ・Plant Virology
  • ・Plant Nematology
  • ・Tropical Crop Science
  • ・Tropical Energy Crop Science
  • ・Experiments on Soil Microorganism
Animal Functions Science
The course aims at the mastering of expertise on the adapted production techniques in the subtropical zone area through elucidations of the growth characteristics and its physiological, ecological, and genetic functions in animals including livestock.
  • ・Animal Physiology
  • ・Animal Reproduction
  • ・Animal Breeding and Genetics
  • ・Wildlife Manegemant Science
  • ・Functional Anatomy of the Mammals
  • ・Experiments on Animal Anatomy and Physiology
Forest Science
Our course provides education and research for the sustainable management of forests and mangroves, especially in small islands. We focus on ecological, physiological, pathological, and hydrological studies of forests and the development of remotesensing, forest protection, and silvicultural technologies aiming at the conservation and restoration of the forest ecosystem and the wise use of forest resources.
  • ・Forest Botany
  • ・Forest Ecology
  • ・Forest Pathology
  • ・Forest Tree Breeding Science
  • ・Forest Hydrology
  • ・Experiments on Remote Sensing
Ecology and Environmental Science
We aim at understanding the relationship between organisms and their environments by studying the subtropical local environments, specifically focusing on the ecology and evolution of wild animals and the movements of soil material.
  • ・Evolutionary Ecology
  • ・Basics of Entomology
  • ・Environmental Soil science
  • ・Environmental Effects on Agriculture
  • ・Soil-microbial Ecology
  • ・Experiment on Entomology
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