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Department of Regional Agricultural Engineering

Department of Regional Agricultural Engineering
The department deals with education and research in the field of sustainable recycle-oriented agriculture, which acts in harmony with the subtropical island environment and develops rural space and a regional biomass-recycling system in order to create a symbiotic environment between soil-water-plant and human beings.
Key words
Agricultural infrastructure improvement and rural development, Systematic agriculture, Bioenergy, Rural environmental conservation, Disaster prevention
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Biosystems Engineering
The course offers education and research to achieve high efficiency and high quality in bioproduction by scientific and engineering methods such as mechanical engineering, systems engineering and information engineering from production to distribution of bioproducts. Moreover, this course focuses on the development of regional biomass-recycling systems to create a symbiosis environment.
  • ・Biomass Engineering
  • ・Postharvest Technology
  • ・Agricultural Energy Engineering
  • ・Agricultural Information Engineering
  • ・Physical Properties of Biological Materials
  • ・Experiment on Biosystems Engineering
Rural Environmental Engineering
The course provides educational and research opportunities about theories and technologies relating to irrigation, drainage and reclamation engineering for establishing a better infrastructure for food production, dealing with environmental conservation and disaster prevention in rural and agricultural area.
  • ・Rural and Farmland Improvement
  • ・Water Resource Engineering
  • ・Land Environment Conservation
  • ・Structural Mechanics
  • ・Soil Physics and Soil Mechanics
  • ・Experiment on Rural Enviroment
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