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Graduate School of Agriculture (Master's Course)

 The Graduate School of Agriculture focuses on nurturing talented individuals who are able to adapt to the demands of a rapidly changing environment and contribute widely to society. Building upon the broad-based foundation of the faculty’s undergraduate program, the Graduate School organizes the integrated Course in Subtropical Agriculture, consisting of four systematic courses encompassing the broad areas of subtropical agriculture. The aim of this education program is to build professional skills in students for the development of high quality researchers and engineers capable of researching creatively into stable bio-production and sustainable uses of biomaterials, in addition to consolidating students' knowledge concerning agriculture and honing their ability to resolve agricultural issues faced by subtropical regions such as Okinawa.
 The Graduation School’s curriculum consists of systematic courses of core educational subjects, specialized subjects and applied expansive subjects. Core education subjects promote advanced knowledge necessary for flexible thinking and deep insight, while specialized and expansive subjects spanning four specialized courses nurture problem-solving ability for the resolution of agricultural issues facing the region. In addition to experiential education programs that focus on education and research concerning food, agriculture, environment and resources, while developing advanced specialist knowledge and technology crucial towards the development of tropical and subtropical regions in Asia and the Pacific, the Graduate School also provides other wide-ranging education programs that equip students with sufficient knowledge to work in highly specialized and professional positions.

CourseAdmission CapacityArea of studyDegree
Subtropical Agriculture 35 people Agro-Production Sciences Course
  • Agricultural and Forest Economics
  • Plant Breeding Science
  • Sustainable Animal Production Science
  • Human and Agricultural Symbiotic Science
Master of Agriculture
Agro-Environmental Sciences Course
  • Plant Functional Science
  • Animal Functional Science
  • Forest Science
  • Ecology and Environmental Science
Regional Agricultural Engineering Course
  • Biosystems Engineering
  • Agricultural Infrastructure Improvement and Rural Development Engineering
  • Rural Environmental Conservation and Disaster Prevention Engineering
Bioscience and Biotechnology Course
  • Biotechnology
  • Food Science and Nutrition
  • Fermentation and Life Science
  • Health and Nutritional Science
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