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教員名 Md. Amzad Hossain
所属 亜熱帯地域農学科  農林共生学
専門分野 熱帯植物栽培学・雑草学


Plant Production and Resource Management for Quality Food and Sound Environment in Subtropics

Food and environmental problems are very common slogan nowadays all over the world. Plant and soil are the two major resources involved with all kinds of food production and environment changes. Plants are environment “maintainers” and source of food and renewable energy. Soils hold nutrients and water, and harbor microorganisms for plant production. To solve environmental problems and food crises on a regional scale, integrated research on climatic and edaphic factors, available plant species, plant development, diversification of plant use and eco-friendly plant management practices is required.Turmeric, an economic herbal plant in tropics and subtropics in the world, possesses anti-inflammatory, anticancer, anti-oxidant and antibacterial properties, and is used as a natural spice and medicine. Redflower ragleaf, torpeodgrass and amaranth are the weeds but have significant values for food, medicine and genetic materials. Considering climatic and edaphic factors and necessities of subtropical regions including Okinawa, I have been working to develop production and management technologies of turmeric, redflower ragleaf, torpeodgrass and amaranth for obtaining high quality food and maintaining soil productivity and sound environment.